What Home Improvements Will Boost The Value Of Your Home? Read On To Find Out Which Projects To Do, And Which Ones You Shouldn’t


Many homeowners wonder what they can do to improve the value of their house before they sell it. After all, people frequently talk about how remodeling can up the value on a house when it comes time to sell it. However, not all home improvement projects reap a return on investment. Here are some that are almost sure to bring in a great ROI, or at least break even on the work you did. See: The 6 Home Renovations That Return the Most at Resale.

The first one is painting. Whether its the interior, or the exterior, it brings back a great ROI, and usually doesn’t cost that much. Sometimes, you can do it yourself, even. Keep in mind, that if the exterior needs to be painted, you’ll need to hire professionals. If the paint is in pretty bad shape, or just very old and worn, it will definitely be worth the few grand it will run you. In regards to the interior, if you’ve never painted before and are selling the house soon, you should consider hiring a professional in that scenario too. However, if only a few rooms need to be painted, and you’ve got a while before you list your home, you can certainly give DIY a try!

Contemplate adding fiber cement siding to the house, as it almost always nets you back a profit. This is because this type of siding is notorious for being resistant to rotting wood, termite infestation, and fires. Buyers love to see fiber cement siding for these reasons, and in some cases, they’ll pay more just to have it.

Don’t be afraid to built a patio, or a deck. Buyers love these areas because they can entertain; most families love to entertain, especially if they have children. However, use the right type of wood; otherwise, the deck will be prone to termite damage which no homeowner wants to deal with.

Renovate your kitchen, if it needs it. If the rest of the home is updated, but the kitchen is not, it might be time for a re-vamp. What you don’t want is the kitchen to be nicer than the rest of the house. Every room should be equal. You probably won’t see much of an return (if at all) if you’ve got a completely dated house, but an updated top of the line kitchen. Don’t go overboard by buying the absolute best appliances and fixtures. However, always go with granite and stainless steel appliances. kitchen-53


If you don’t have central AC, now is the time to install it. Even renters will shy away from a rental if there are window units. So, certainly someone actually investing in a house won’t want them.

Consider renovating your basement, if you have a wet one. Finished basements can add a lot of value to the house, and it doesn’t cost too much money to do it. For further reading, see the Top 15 Home Updates That Pay Off, and, the 12 Home Improvements That’ll Boost Your Home’s Selling Price.

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  1. Is building a deck really that important? We have a very large backyard, but it is all grass. Can’t the buyer decide if they want a deck or not, and build it themselves?

  2. Hi Kelsey,

    Not having a deck will usually not make or break a sale. However, some buyers want decks, especially when there is a huge backyard. It may result in their offering a lower price for your house, as they will factor in the money they’ll have to spend on one. Look at the cost for building one, and see if you’d be able to afford it. Also, talk with your realtor to see how much she thinks not having one would drop the price, by looking at the ‘comps’ in your area, as those will also help shed some light on the issue.

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