Stuck On a Budget But Need To Sell Your House Fast? Here’s How To Decorate Your Home For Sale Just Like The Pros


It’s not surprising that tastefully decorated homes sell for more money (and faster) than homes that are poorly decorated; or worse, vacant. While curb appeal gets buyers into the door, staging is what keeps them there. Decorators get paid a fair amount of money to do this, and for good reasons. It works. The idea is that it gives buyers an idea of what it would be like to live in the house. When they see a plush sofa, with a comfy blanket by a fire and a flat screen above the fireplace, they can picture themselves reading a great book in that exact spot by the fire during the fall, for example. If the house were vacant, all they would see is a living room, rather than a lifestyle. Check out: Is Home Staging Worth the Cost?

It all depends on the buyer, and what side of the brain they use. If the buyer is of the creative type, a vacant home might be better. They can envision what they would put there. Most people do not possess the creativity skills to imagine an empty home fully decorated. This is why for the most part, staged homes are better. While staging can take a lot of time to do, and means money must be spent, it is almost always going to be worth it. Plus, there are companies that allow you to rent furniture for the purpose of staging; after the home i sold, you simply return the furniture. This is very convenient, especially if you have already purchased another home and thus the house you are selling is empty.

If you are still living in a house, make no doubt about it that it will be hard to keep your home completely clean and staged at all times. You’ll need to keep your pets somewhere else while your house is staged, depending on what type of pets you have. For example, if you have a dog that sheds, it will be a nuisance to vacuum every single day to get rid of the fur. Ask a family member or friend to take your pet for a few weeks when you first list your house. This is when the most activity on a new listing happens; in the first few weeks. For further reading, see: Home Staging to Sell: The Latest Techniques That Really Work. So, now that you know staged homes are the way to go, get moving! Call a decorator, or read tips online so that you can stage the home yourself just like the pro’s.

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  1. Well..I agree that it isn’t quite ethical. While it is a little deceiving, the general assumption is that it is the buyers responsibility to check for any imperfections or damage to the home and that includes looking under furniture for any flaws. This is usually how hiding problems with furniture is justified in the sellers eyes.

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